NetCom was born in 2002 from an idea of Gianni Rimorini: to help companies achieve their goals.
Since its inception we have specialized in the development of Technical Documentation, but we soon expanded our offer in order to better support all our partners.
We firmly believe in teamwork and in over 10 years we have created a dense network of customers and collaborators.
We have grown together, working in close synergy, and we continue to do so.
Now our network is at your service, to give you the tailor-made products your business needs. We want to be part of your future.

NetCom is a young and active team that invests in the future and new technologies, to provide you with a safe, reliable product that is in line with your needs.
We love challenges, we love our work and it is difficult for us not to put the utmost care into the services we provide.
The continuous stimulus to improvement takes us alongside the most innovative realities of the territory, generating a continuous expansion of skills.

We can do many things for you:

  • We follow every phase of the project, integrating with the different departments involved, to understand your needs.
  • We use clear and effective communication tools to enhance the quality of your work.
  • We develop and manufacture customized tools for your after-sales business, then assisting you in optimization.

All this to achieve a single purpose: to communicate your worldview to everyone.

Create a synergy with companies, supporting them with accurate and personalized services, to achieve full satisfaction of the end customer, with a view to adapting to changes and future growth.

Your world, within everyone’s reach.