Implementation and management of technical documentation

Hierarchical structure

SPC allows you to store hierarchically all the product catalogues.

The documentation is divided by Category, family, series up to the document with its revisions.

Costs reduction

The use of SPC leads to a reduction in the costs of making, translating and managing spare parts and their distribution.

The distribution through the WSPC portal allows you to distribute online all your catalogue.

Control functions

In addition to the functions for the realization of catalogues, SPC integrates various analysis functions.

These concern the inbound BOM, the table list, and the call-outs that are automatically generated.


Document category

Prodcut families

Product series

Product document

Document reviewing


Reduce translation costs60%

Only the elements to be translated are sent in translation. Eliminate perfect translation costs.

Reduce drafting costs50%

SPC allows the grouping and reuse of the boards, as well as the automatic creation of call-outs. Automatic import, management and analysis procedures are also provided for in the lists.

Reduce pagination costs90%

A predefined style is maintained for each product document, being able to customize its output on the web or PDF.

Reduce storage costs90%

The use of a database as the core of the program allows you to keep and retrieve all the information on the fly.


Review control

Verifica del numero di redazione di una distinta o una tavola.

Checking translations

Verifica dei testi già tradotti ed esportazione del solo testo desiderato.

Automatic reference checking

SPC verifica automaticamente la corrispondeza fra Distinta Base e distinta tavola, ricreando poi in automatico il call-out sul disegno.